Print Ready Copy

Your copy must be sent to us exactly the way you would like for it to appear in your planner. Please proofread for any errors before submitting your handbook.

• When e-mailing your handbook, please send to handbook@harcourtoutlines.com.

 After receiving your e-mail, you will receive a reply from us. If you do not receive a reply from us, please resubmit or call for assistance.

• Your handbook needs to be submitted in a PDF or a Microsoft Word Document using either Helvetica or Times type style. Submit mascots or your own special cover design in a PDF format or a High Resolution JPEG file.

• Margins – You will need a 1” inside margin on each page for 11” x 8.5” and 11” x 7” books. You will need a .625” inside margin on 8.5” x 7” and 8.5” x 5.5” books.

• If you prefer to mail your copy to us, please make sure that the margins are correct. When mailing, protect your pages with an insert sheet of cardboard.

• When mailing, please print on one side of the paper only, using plain white paper. Do not fold, please mail flat.

• Do not write in margins or fax copy – the copy received is exactly what will be printed in your handbook.

• Please number the pages.

If you are not submitting “print-ready” copy, but would like for our typesetters to do the work for you, please add $25.00 per page typesetting/proofreading fee; $50.00 per page for floor plans, charts, and advertisements. There is no additional charge on these items IF YOU SEND THE COPY TO US “PRINT READY” and they are included as part of your handbook.


Special Requests

Floor Plans, Proofs, Pictures, Pocket Page

Some special requests are made such as floor plans, pictures on the inside of the handbook, and proofs.

• If you submit your floor plan, print ready, there is no additional charge. It will be counted as a page of your handbook copy. If we must redraw the floor plan because of poor copy quality, there is a charge of $50.00. This is a one-time only charge assuming that you would use the same floor plan year after year.

• We will print your handbook exactly as submitted to us. If, however, you would like to see a “proof” before we print, it must be noted on your order. There is a $50.00 charge for a proof to be sent. We do ask that once the proof is received, that you immediately review the planner/folder and return it to us so we can complete your order. We must know where to send the proof so that someone can give it immediate attention.

• Pocket Page



When e-mailing, follow the above guidelines. When mailing, advertising must be sent in black and white, print-ready copy showing the exact arrangement of the ads. These ads will be included as part of your handbook at no additional charge, if they are within the free allotted pages on your planner.

If we are setting the ads up for you, there will be a $45.00 charge per page.


Custom Planner

Customize your student planner pages for an additional $1.50  per book for an order of 500 or more.  For less than 500 add $2.500 per book. Additional rule page charge will still apply.


Inside Front Cover

The inside front cover of the planner is preprinted with our standard inside front cover. If you would like to submit your own “custom” inside front cover, add 20¢ to the price of your handbook.


Back Cover

RSA board. If you would like an imprinted back cover, it will be printed on index stock with a plastic overlay for an additional 20¢ per book.

If you request a plastic overlay on the back of your planner with plain RSA board, you will be charged an additional 20¢ per book.



Orders scheduled for back-to-school must be received by July 1,  to be guaranteed for summer delivery and to receive dated student planner pages. It is very important that you specify your “need-by date” when placing your order.

Orders placed after July 1  will be completed in the order received. Your order can be done immediately for a rush fee of $250.00 (if manufacturing time allows).





Did not order enough?

Harcourt Outlines, Inc. will accept reorders in the minimum amount of 25 student planners, at the same price you paid on your original invoice.




Planners are sent via UPS, prepaid, and shipping charges are added to your invoice.



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